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Hello Hero

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Hello Hero takes social, role playing and turn based gameplay to create a hero collecting title available for mobile devices and through Facebook. Featuring a hero list over well over a hundred and a healthy list of game modes the journey for completionists is just beginning.


Stepping into the heavily populated monster world of Hello Hero you’ll take your own personalised team of heroes through a hefty campaign that seeks you battling on the world of Armon to stop the demonic Keronic Army. Said campaign sees you jump from battle to battle as your team stands solid in the bottom left corner of the screen, attacking the monsters on the opposing side. While Hello Hero will take automatic control over your party with their attacks you can activate skills when you deem it appropriate which come with a short cooldown.

Successful battles will help you ramp up the power curve with the likes of items, gold and new heroes for your line up. With only 5 slots on your team though you’ll have to pick carefully with your weaker heroes able to be used for fusion to ensure no progress goes to waste. Heroes fall into the normal categories of damage, tanks and healers with a few hybrid classes in between for players to work into their strategy.


Taking your story mode progress across to optional dungeons and the likes of PvP you’ll find your team constantly improving although it does require a fair amount of mission replay and grinding. Your only limit to this is the stamina and energy systems but this doesn’t come into play after much progress is made.

The simple mechanics on offer in Hello Hero sets a great foundation although there is plenty of grinding between start and end.


  • Make your ideal team of heroes.
  • Use special abilities to turn battles.
  • Improve your heroes with items and fusions.
  • Large campaign along with dungeons and PvP.
  • For browser, iOS and Android.

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Hello Hero, 5.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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