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Hero Commander

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Good: Combination of base building and strategy – Lots of options
Bad: Large part of the game is on rails
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Hero Commander is a free to play browser based game that combines tactical strategy with base building. From training heroes to creating a formation and building up your castle players are given plenty of control giving the game lots of depth.


In order to get to this depth though players will have to work through a lengthy tutorial which directs your every move from your first battle to creating a formation and training heroes the tutorial covers it all. With so many features packed into a single game you’ll be very thankful for the detailed tutorial when you’re set loose.

The gameplay of Hero Commander is split into two distinct elements that each have their own supporting features. On the one hand players have their castle and settlement where you’ll build and upgrade buildings in order to generate soldiers, resources and upgrade your troop stats.

Players can return to their city in between each battle to restock, train heroes, change their battle formation or craft new equipment in the blacksmith. With the wealth of options here it’s easy to get lost early on but the level of depth is very much appreciated overall.

On the other side of gameplay is the tactical based combat where players will move their army across a gird like battlefield to defeat the enemy for that story chapter. Once you engage an enemy square the battle screen will start (and can be skipped to see the battle result). Players have little to no control over individual battles with Hero Commander focusing on the optimisation of formations, heroes and items to advance.


Heroes is where the customisation really shines and helps you create a different setup to your friend. While you start with only a single hero you’ll find dozens of unique heroes during your adventure that you can add to your formation. With each bringing a unique skill and passively boosting your army stats in different ways it’s a constant trial and error process.

Hero Commander offers a wealth of gameplay options, good end-game content and a decent chunk of PvP. It’s only let down is the amount of gameplay that feels like you’re on rails.


  • Combines tactical strategy and base building.
  • Develop a perfect formation with different units, heroes and items.
  • Lots of end-game content with repeatable dungeons and PvP.
  • Chapter based story that slowly unlocks more features.
  • Free to play and browser based.

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Hero Commander, 5.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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