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Release: Mar 2015
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Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars

Good: Large amount of hero diversity
Bad: Difficult for free players to thrive – Smaller community at lower levels
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Offering up more than 100 heroes Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a mobile title orientated around commanding your own unique mix of heroes and troops in order to rain supreme over other players. With familiar heroes from mythology which each command their own powerful skills the game is a flashy take on the mobile strategy genre.


After a brief example of the power that lies within a max power hero players start their very own settlement by summoning in a powerful hero to call their own. Players are able to summon in free basic star heroes at a rate of 2 a day which allows you to build up your force of heroes and introduce new strategies.

While heroes form the basis of your army they are supported by more basic troops on the front of battle which must be trained from the barracks. Recruiting troops is not a free task though and requires players to have all the necessary structures along with nectar and gold, the two key currencies of Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars.

With a thriving resource generating machine behind you players can step into the PvE missions or the PvP raids where your goal will be the same, destroy the enemy base by calling in your heroes and troops onto the battlefield. Finding a combination of hero and troops that is most efficient for your enemy is where much of your time will be spent before funnelling back your resources into your settlement for more strength.


This strength can be upgrading your individual heroes to further improving their stats or repairing your Trojan Horse which lets you place your characters right into the heart of the enemy base, overcoming any walls and defences in place.

While the game design of Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is fairly familiar the focus on heroes and the power they bring to the battlefield makes it stand out against similar titles that focus on simple troops.


  • Collect and use over 100 heroes on the battlefield.
  • Level and equip heroes to reach their full potential.
  • Use the Trojan Horse to deliver your troops right into the heart of the enemy.
  • Pursue a lengthy PvE campaign or PvP and guild.
  • Colourful graphics for Android and iOS.

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Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars, 7.2 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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