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Release: Jun 2016
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Hero Warz

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Good: Great selection of characters – Unique PvP
Bad: Grindy gameplay – Minimal open areas
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Coming out of Korea is the new isometric 2.5D action RPG, Hero Warz. Taking a page out of the books of Diablo and combining it with stage based maps and MMO mechanics leave players with a potent mix of gameplay to enjoy.


Launching with various characters with their own unique over the top skill-sets (eventually planned to expand to several dozen) Hero Warz is all about providing ample choice to it’s player base. Adopting the Marvel Heroes approach to this character system also allows you to swap between them based on the situation.

This variety also extends to the primary gameplay of Hero Warz which revolves around self contained stages of which there are over one hundred at launch. Each stage serves as a method of story progression while also introducing new interesting enemies, locations, bosses and objectives.

For those that don’t want to fight alone each of these stages allow other players to join you to create a co-operative experience. Multiple difficultly levels (with increasingly impressive rewards) also encourage players to revisit tougher versions of each stage with friends.


While these stages are isolated from each other the rest of the games systems carry over from each fight to the next. From your equipment, experience, skills and levels you’ll be constantly improving upon your character. Taking it a step further players can then show off their strength in the 4v4 PvP arena which takes some inspiration from the MOBA genre to make it more strategic than just a straight up battle.

Overall Hero Warz is quite the over the top action RPG experience and while it doesn’t have the dark and gritty feel of the heavy weights in the genre such as Diablo or Path of Exile the flashy move pools of characters ensure the game is still electric and exciting.


  • Stylish action role playing game.
  • Various characters with their own over the top skills.
  • Unique MOBA style multiplayer adds more action.
  • Stage based gameplay with all sorts of unique bosses with challenging battles.
  • Plenty of difficultly levels and co-operative options to keep you engaged.

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Hero Warz, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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