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Release: Jan 2015
Reviewed on: PC

Heroes of the Banner

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Good: Huge feature list – Active tower defence style
Bad: Story and graphics are minimal – Some features not well explained
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Heroes of the Banner brings tower defence and RPG gameplay into your browser with a colourful experience that mixes with an interesting story.


Coming from R2Games who is generally known for very hands off and automated experiences you’ll be surprised to find a very active tower adventure with lots of choice and depth. Set in a fantasy world that has plunged into chaos due to a rising dark power players assume the role of a warrior who has sworn to protect the villagers. While the quests all revolve around this story don’t expect to be blown away by the writing in this adventure.

While the story might be sub-par the gameplay definitely isn’t with enjoyable core mechanics that have you recruiting powerful heroes (who also serve as towers), levelling them up and adding all sorts of equipment that you’ll find or craft. There is never a shortage of heroes to recruit either through the tavern that gives you randomised recruits to mix and match your team setup.

The game is split into dozens of game maps with each wave serving as an individual battle (which can replayed as often as you like). Each wave will throw a range of enemies that you’ll have to use your towers to dispatch along with your active skills which have low cooldowns and depend on your selected heroes.

Completion of these waves will reward you with additional points on the map to build towers and stars which will get you some powerful rewards and encourages revisiting levels that you couldn’t conquer and earn the full 3 stars in your first attempt.


Heroes of the Banner has many different mechanics at play which can be overwhelming as some of these elements have little in built explanation in how to optimise them. You don’t get all these toys at once though which does alleviate some of the learning curve of all these extras. Extras include things like PvP, daily quests, treasure hunts and an item enchanting feature.

While the story and graphics are simple at best the active style of gameplay and so many extra features make Heroes of the Banner worth playing if you love a good tower defence game, just expect to put in some serious time to learn every feature the game has under the hood.


  • Browser based tower defence with active style gameplay.
  • Huge list of extras such as PvP and item crafting.
  • Dozens of maps that each offer 10 waves of content.
  • Recruit a team of heroes to customise your defences.
  • Fantasy storyline gives every level context.

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Heroes of the Banner, 6.2 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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