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Release: Jan 2014
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Hexic 2048

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If you’re seeking an extra challenge the hexagonal game board of Hexic 2048 will create just that experience with its strange shaped game board reaching the high number combinations has never been as enjoyable.


Hexic 2048 uses a similar design to the many other number puzzle games out there with swiping actions moving all game pieces into the closest wall, if two numbers of the same value touch each other they will then merge into a high number. Your objective thus is to reach increasingly higher numbers (ending in 2048) while also keeping the game board clear to prevent the game ending.

For more variety Hexic 2048 offers 4 different Hex game board sizes as well as the traditional box shaped game modes with another 4 sizes for a total of 8. While these larger ones can be more forgiving of mistakes they require players to reach larger tile sizes in order to achieve victory.

To assist in achieving this Hexic 2048 allows you to use rewinds to take back your last move, starting with a healthy dose you can unlock additional ones for watching a short ad. To help out even more the game includes an automatic bot mode which can help you advance the game using a predefined strategy.


The features of Hexic 2048 don’t stop there though with the seemingly simple puzzle game also including two additional game modes on top of the classic formula. This includes a survival mode where new numbers spawn in at a fast rate and requires extremely fast matching and the X-tile mode which throws in some un-matchable x tiles into the equation.

While Hexic 2048 is no doubt a copy of the popular 2048 game and those like it the addition of modes and different game board styles makes this version just different enough.


  • Try this 2048 inspired game with hexagonal game boards.
  • 8 different sized game boards to master.
  • Use the auto mode to advance your score.
  • Play classic, survival or X-tile mode for more variety.
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices.

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Hexic 2048, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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