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Release: Apr 2013
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Hiversaires attempts to resurrect the classic point and click adventure genre by providing an extremely mysterious game that you can play on your iOS or Android device. The game might not be the longest around but this means the whole experience is great and not diluted at all.


Hiversaires is a game that is all about minimisation and takes the genre down to its simplest form which does provide an added sense of immersion to the game. Your adventure takes place in a labyrinth maze which promises to throw you a multitude of puzzles that will really test your puzzle solving abilities.

The game really throws you right into the depths by offering very little in the way of a tutorial, text or opening which means you’ll have to rely on your own sense of adventure and intrigue to push you forward.

While at first you might feel overwhelmed by the challenges of the game you’ll quickly understand the puzzle vibe which leads to a very satisfying experience. At the very least you’ll get to enjoy the very ambient and mood changing soundtrack when you get stuck on a particularly tough puzzle.


Movement in the game world is kept very simple with players able to walk forward and turn the game screen but are limited to following distinct paths of movement. It might be a small turn off to begin with but this helps ensure your adventure is tarnished by clunky controls on smaller devices.

Hiversaires is definitely one of the more interesting games around and offers a mysterious take on the modern day point and click genre. The difficultly level is well up there and definitely not a game that casual puzzle solvers will enjoy but veterans of the genre will find lots to love.


  • A dark and strange point and click adventure.
  • A world with no written text will test your sense of adventure.
  • Strong soundtrack enhances the experience.
  • Some great brain teasing puzzles.
  • On iOS and Android.

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Hiversaires, 5.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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