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Horse Isle

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Horse Isle is a horse orientated browser based MMO that will have you exploring the world on horseback, participating in the community and all manner of horse orientated activities.


The game was originally released in 2007 and was revamped with a second version in 2010. Both versions of the game are accessible via the official Horse Isle with the second release offering significantly improved gameplay and graphics.

This second version of the game (titled Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs) is further split between eternal and life cycle which alters how long players can keep their horses and the types of activities they have to focus on.

The best feature of the Horse Isle experience though by far is the large community that comes together in the online environment (thanks to Flash). You’ll have all the tools to keep you connected as well with features like mail, forums, chat, trading and auctions. In this massively multiplayer environment players will make friends, interact with the world, find horses, care for them and customise your horses to your preferred style.

The sheer size of the game is one of it’s greatest assets with hundreds of quests, stories, breeding opportunities and islands. Horse Isle even lets players purchase an island for themselves which allows you to build a customisable ranch to further support your horse collection.


Ultimately Horse Isle is fun, free and even very educational. The game aims to be as accurate as possible in regards to its horse mechanics which combined with brain teasing mini games, managing a budget to afford the big ticket items and the safe dictionary chat that requires all words to be typed out properly has many educational and social benefits.

Step into the horse filled social world that is Horse Isle, a game that has continued to add new content and innovate it’s mechanics since 2007 and will no doubt continue.


  • A social horse game released in 2007 and redesigned in 2010.
  • Purchase your own island to build the ultimate ranch for your horses.
  • All the community features you need to make new friends.
  • Find, care and customise horses.
  • Explore a massive world on the back of your own horse.

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Horse Isle, 7.4 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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