Horzer offers similar gameplay to Dogzer, except that it trades dogs for horses. If you’re seeking a game that lets you train horses, compete in equestrian competitions, be part of a community and have a horse related job few games compare to the browser based experience of Horzer.


When creating your account you’ll get to pick from two dozen horse breeds that have their own stats which can dictate the area of Horzer that you focus on. When choosing a horse you’ll also be able to give them a name and choose from a range of colours to ensure they are your own customised pet. The game is split between a series of webpages in a similar way to Neopets with the world being generated through individual web pages rather than a continuous virtual world.

Once you’ve settled on your dream horse players are then taken into the world of Horzer where you’ll find a large community of horse lovers. Gameplay is similar to other pet orientated games with players managing their finances by participating in the community or playing various games on the site to earn coinz. These coinz can then be carefully spent on improving your starter horse, breeding new ones, feeding and general caring to keep your pets healthy.

The main objective in Horzer centres around the various equestrian competitions and breeding which go hand in hand as players carefully care for their horse and then breed it to create an impressive animal for the various equestrian events and try to take home the prize. Players can also show off their breeding talent to other players as you rank against opponents in the competitive rank system.


Of course with most actions that you take with your horse requiring funds players will need to take on an in game job to ensure they can provide everything for their horse. This isn’t where the horse theme ends either with professions such as horse, vet, stable manager, riding instructor and more all available in the game and requiring their own unique management style to earn the top dollars.

While the graphics of Horzer aren’t the best around the easy accessibility of browser gameplay and fairly large community make up for it. For horse addicts that want a simple experience it’s a decent option that is worth exploring.


  • Breed and train horses.
  • Large community of horse lovers.
  • Enter into competitions to beat other players.
  • Use your horse related career to buy items and special training for your horse.
  • Play for free in your browser.

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Horzer, 7.5 out of 10 based on 23 ratings
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