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Release: Jan 2015
Reviewed on: iOS

Hunger Crunch

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Hunger Crunch empowers you to solve world hunger one level at a time with a game that uses simple side scrolling platform levels. Available for free on iOS devices it’s a game that uses elements of one touch endless runners but contains gameplay into separate bite sized levels instead.


The inspiration for the game is that world hunger is ruining the lives, hopes and dreams of children all around the world. This is where Hunger Crunch lets you fight back both in game and out. In game you’ll stomp on the hunger minions while outside you’re purchases will be donated to feed orphaned children.

Players control their own mythical beast known as Beasty who is controlled by simple tap controls. One tap will instruct Beasty to jump while another tap when he is airborne will have Beasty slamming the ground with his stomp move.

By combining these simple game mechanics with a range of enemies and level design Hunger Crunch quickly becomes a fun and often very challenging game. The game features a dozen levels along with 3 bosses that can be unlocked by earning three stars in the previous levels.

This is the largest disappointment in the game where you’ll likely replay the same level many, many, many times over to advance as unlocking 3 stars is anything but easier.


In order to achieve this feat players do have the option to purchase extras with the candy coins that you collect in each level. This range from permanent upgrades to your health or points or to one time use power ups that help you one way or another. Hunger Crunch is definitely a game you’ll have to open up your wallet to enjoy but some players will be able to forgive this due to the cause behind it all.

As far as video games with worthy causes behind them go you won’t find much better options than Hunger Crunch. You’ll find solid gameplay although just not enough variety to make it a stand out game.


  • Support a great cause with your purchases.
  • Use Beasty to run and stomp through each level.
  • Fight bosses and squash hunger across a dozen levels.
  • Collect Candy Coins to spend on upgrades and power ups.
  • Free to play.

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Hunger Crunch, 8.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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