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Good: Free and browser based – Variety of things to do
Bad: Limited house customisation – Slow until you have multiple characters
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iAMFAM is a browser based virtual family game that is also available on your mobile devices. The game encourages players to take care of their home, start a family and make sure their assets are protected from the ups and downs of life.


Like other life simulation games players are aiming to make positive choices that will improve the well-being of their family. Your first step in iAMFAM is to customise your first family member, in comparison to other games the visual customisation is fairly limited with just basic options available (gender, body, hair, outfit and accessories).

The second step in the process is selecting your career with a range of options from finance to fashion, computing and art. For the most part you’ll earn the same amount of income from these at the start but finance has a much higher growth rate and top level while coming with more stress. Finally players can select their starting house style however most of the house customisation comes during actual gameplay.

iAMFAM is very quest focused and right from the start of the game players can follow their “to do list” to advance their character. Starting quests include things like getting a promotion, buying furniture, getting married and having a pet which always gives you a goal to aim for.

This is where the people management comes into the game with players instructing their customised character to work (at their computer), cook a meal, garden and much more. While most of the early game involves basic tasks these quickly expand as players have more funds and additional people to manage.


One thing in particular that sets the game apart is the number of life events you’ll have to deal with. Most commonly players may be robbed of their possessions or have their car damaged. In order to counter-act these events players can purchase various forms of insurance which will take some funds on a regular basis but will pay out funds in the right circumstances.

With so many elements of life rolled into a browser/mobile game iAMFAM can keep you entertained for hours as you advance your virtual life. With a free price tag there are very few games that offer the same thing.


  • A free online life sim game.
  • Choose your look and career.
  • Buy a pet, get married and have kids to grow your family.
  • Protect your assets with insurance
  • Keep your characters happy by cooking, gardening, cleaning and more.

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iAMFAM, 8.1 out of 10 based on 27 ratings
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