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Release: Feb 2013
Reviewed on: PC


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Bad: Tries to do too much leaving some parts unpolished and messy
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Impire offers a real time strategy experience in a dungeon building environment while also incorporating bits and pieces from various other genres.


In Impire players take on the role of a great evil that has been summoned from the deep abyss and imprisoned in the body of an imp in service of a dark sorcerer. As you go through the game you’ll slowly grow your power and freedom back to revive your stolen empire.

Gameplay in Impire has a good variety of activities from a number of different genres so don’t expect the game to replicate the experience that Bullfrog’s popular Dungeon Keeper offered but rather push the game into a different direction. Core gameplay in Impire involves constructing your own subterranean dungeon, recruiting minions to do your bidding and engaging the goodly heroes in battle. Impire has a great selection of different room types that players can utilise in their dungeon along with plenty of traps to help boost defences.

Just like in similar games players recruit from a number of potential creature species, each with their own personality and uses. Impire takes one step further in this process by not limiting these creatures to levels but also lets you upgrade their equipment.

Other game aspects that you can experience include the ability to raid locations on the surface for treasures and magical item cards to help change the way you approach the game. Best of all the campaign can be tackled alone or co-operatively with friends.


Impire pushes many boundaries in a game genre that has mostly been left untouched since the original success of the DK series. Unfortunately it over steps the mark and tries to re-invent too much, leaving some game aspects feeling slightly messy and not thought out.

If you take the time to dissect the great parts of this game you’ll find that you can salvage a mediocre dark management RTS experience but with better alternatives out there it isn’t worth the time.


  • Reclaim your evil power.
  • Build lots of rooms and traps to create the ultimate dungeon.
  • Recruit evil minions, level them up and equip them with gear.
  • Send your minions to the surface to raid for treasure.
  • Use the magical deck to help you play the game you want.

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Impire, 4.9 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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