Metacritic: 85/100
Release: May 2009
Reviewed on: PS3


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Good: Karma system – Powers – Visually attractive
Bad: Side mission variety is lacking
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Does the thought of having lightning bolts come out the tip of your fingers excite you? Infamous just might be the action adventure game for you.


In Infamous players take control of Cole MacGrath who was just a simple bike messenger until the day he was caught up in a huge explosion in his home town of Empire City. This explosion throws the city into complete chaos but also gives Cole strange new powers (all of which are electrical based). Infamous follows your journey in the now gang run Empire City and there is no shortage of side quests to also be taken up on your journey.

A wise man once said that with great power comes great responsibility and this couldn’t be truer in Infamous. With your new found powers it is up to players to save the city from its new dark status. Of course being an open world game with plenty of freedom players also have the ability to plunge the city further into chaos.

This decision to be good or evil is the most impressive feature in Infamous as your choice will change your powers from a sparkling blue to a chaotic red while also impacting on your skill growth. The game world and its citizens also will react to the good or evil actions that you take.


Using your powers is at the core of combat in Infamous with players having a wide arsenal of options to choose from. More powerful abilities will quickly drain your electrical reserves though which must be replenished by power sources or a living person. Cole’s powers are not only for direct use on enemies though as it also allows Cole to electrify water, create large explosions and even fly.

Infamous is an impressive experience that has everything you’d want from an open world adventure. The karma system and its effect on Cole and the game world are particularly well presented.


  • Choose to be good or evil and watch Cole transform.
  • Always something to blow up.
  • Scale any building within the game world.
  • Huge variety in electrical powers.
  • Only on PlayStation 3.

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Infamous, 8.6 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
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