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Infinity Wars

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Good: Redefines the genre – Animated cards –No pay to win elements – Merged decks
Bad: Still some balancing required – Long matches not for everyone
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Infinity Wars keeps the core features of the digital trading card game genre but innovates extensively on the genre to produce what is the best TCG to date. While at the core you’ll find a high quality TCG experience it’s the extras that really bring this game to life and separate it from the many alternatives in this genre.


The most notable of these little extras right from the start is the fully animated cards that ensure every battle is brought to life, adding some action into what can sometimes be a dry genre for some.

The cornerstone of strategy in Infinity Wars is the deep faction system which offers players over half a dozen different factions to base their deck around. With a huge amount of faction specific cards that look and play very differently. From the Flame Dawn with their powerful abilities to the Descendants of the Dragon who prefer to play on the defensive.

With each faction having such dramatically different play styles there is lots of longevity in Infinity Wars as players master playing each faction and master countering them. Game longevity also comes from the wide selection of game options which allow players to choose varying game speeds, modes and formats.

Game speed alters the amount of health, morale and resources of the game along with the maximum number of cards a player can hold in their hand which in itself can significantly change up your strategy in a given match. While game formats limit the type of cards players can use such as the pauper format which limits players to common and uncommon cards or the singles format that stops players from having duplicates in their deck.


The most unique option in Infinity Wars is within the game modes where a merged deck option combines your deck with your opponent’s and has you drawing from the same deck.

With an impressive campaign, access to all cards without spending real money and constant updates wrapping up the Infinity Wars experience there is no reason to not start playing this impressive TCG today.


  • Redefines the genre in a number of ways.
  • Fully animated cards.
  • Impressive list of factions that all have their own playstyle to master.
  • Unique merged deck mode lets you and your opponent combine decks.
  • Access all cards without spending a dollar.

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Infinity Wars, 4.5 out of 10 based on 21 ratings
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  1. Alan
    November 9, 2015

    This game is freakin awful. Unbalanced, especially if you aren’t willing to put in hundreds of hours to get all the cards or pay to win. UI is average and unintuitive, animations are OK but the style is really inconsistent. No idea how this got greenlit. Avoid this game!


  2. Wtf did i read
    December 10, 2016

    Ignore the other comments lets be honest this game is one of the most balanced games ive ever seen. The game outcome is completly determined by skill bu there arre some ppl like top of me which just suck. they also give u something about 500 cards or something whil leveling up in a week or so. never seen such a good game just try it out for yourself



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