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Bad: Can feel lonely during off-peak hours.
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InWorldz is often considered to be one of the best Second Life alternatives and offers everything that you’ve come to enjoy from other games in the genre.


The virtual world was founded by John Amolde, Beth Reischl and David Daeschler who each have their own alter ego in the virtual environment.

InWorldz offers a beautiful game world to explore, lots of avatar customisation and the ability to create or build the game around you. You can use InWorldz to meet new people or simply as a creative outlet, the choice of how you participate in this social game is completely up to you.

InWorldz has two different region purchasing options for players who choose to purchase their own virtual land. Land ownership is split between private isles and mainland regions with the private option giving more flexibility to owners.

Creating your account in InWorldz is extremely easy and you can be exploring the game world in just minutes. Once you load up the InWorldz viewer you will find your starting location generally has a couple of mentors to help introduce you into the game, giving you a great sense of community right from the get go.


Once you are comfortable in the game world creators will be impressed with the options available especially in comparison to Second Life. This includes better upload capabilities, improved zooming options, easier texture uploading (always free texture uploads as well), increased prim capacity and many other small differences that make the experience much more enjoyable for creators of content.

If you aren’t interested in the creative side of the game though don’t worry since the community aspect of the game is just as strong and supported by just as many great features. From the transparency of the creators to the quick response support the sense of community is everywhere.


  • One of the strongest competitors to Second Life.
  • Lots of great editing options.
  • Real sense of community in the game world.
  • Well priced resident options.
  • Beautiful game world and a well sized community.

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InWorldz, 7.7 out of 10 based on 37 ratings
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  1. Billy
    November 12, 2015

    I’ve been in Inworldz since 2012 and it was a nice community. After the Squeak club shut down in early 2015, the daily log in numbers went down by a hundred people on average at peak times and off peak is even worst. It’s true, people are here to be with their families but if you’re a sole person looking for a new world, you’ll find this world not very welcoming to new people beyond the few hellos at the welcome hub.
    Mesh is here, there’s free uploads too. Many of the creators barely touched their shops since last December 2014. You receive more “Izzies”, game cash on your dollars then say what the going rate is on Lindens in Second Life but the items in world cost more in general.


  2. Second Life Resident
    August 25, 2017

    This just looks like Second Life in 2008-2009. What is the reason for someone wanting to play InWorldz when it’s just Second Life, the way that it was, years ago?



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