Metacritic: 70/100
Release: Nov 2012
Reviewed on: iOS

Jewel Mania

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Good: Puppy companion – Simple but great visuals – Huge number of levels
Bad: Runs a little slow on older devices
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Jewel Mania is heavily based on the popular game, Candy Crush Saga and is available on iOS and Android devices. With hundreds of levels and an impressive but simple art style Jewel Mania is one of the big match three games to play on the go.


The game follows the adventures of a boy, girl and their dog (that loves to lick your screen as you complete every level). These characters add a nice touch to the overall vibe of the game although they have no impact on gameplay.

In a similar style to other games players will progress through a series of levels that each offer their own challenge.  These challenges come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and settings so the game remains fresh for the entire experience. With over 400 different levels Jewel Mania can easily stay installed on your device for months to come (or it might only last weeks depending how much you love your puzzle games and how fast you get through the levels).

Every level will cost the player a point of energy to attempt which slowly regenerate over time. In each level players will be given a certain number of moves to achieve a particular goal which could be achieving a certain score, breaking all the glass in a level and more.


Upon completing a level (and based on the number of stars you earn) players will be given an extra point of energy along with some silver coins which can be used to purchase power ups. Power ups come in several varieties and are one time use on a per level attempt basis.

For the competitive puzzle player you can link up your Jewel Mania game with Facebook to share your success and compete against your friends which definitely takes the game to the next level as you try to claim the title of Jewel Mania King or Queen.


  • A puzzle matching game very similar to Candy Crush Saga.
  • Over 400 levels that offer a different challenge each time.
  • Connect with Facebook and compete with friends.
  • Use your hard earned silver coins for power ups on the more difficult levels.
  • A three match puzzle game that does everything right.

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Jewel Mania, 7.0 out of 10 based on 18 ratings
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  1. chippy vijayan
    September 11, 2014

    i would like to play jewel mania



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