Metacritic: 68/100
Release: Oct 2013
Reviewed on: iOS

Juice Cubes

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Fans of fruit can rejoice! There is finally a puzzle game that doesn’t involve candy. Juice Cubes is a healthy alternative to Candy Crush Saga that has players connecting colourful juice cubes together.


If you’ve played a puzzle game before you’ve definitely run into the gameplay of Juice Cubes, it’s nothing new by any means. With so many other games using a similar system the success (or failure) of a game in this genre often comes down to the variety and aesthetics of the game (with a bit of luck thrown in).

Juice Cubes does a lot of things right in these departments by providing a wonderful looking game that almost makes you feel sorry for the fruit every time you slice a bunch of them up for points. Fruits come in all shapes and sizes from grapes to bananas and strawberries. Players will also encounter some special fruit bombs to make your life easier by taking care of large chunks of fruit at once.

Each level in Juice Cubes promises a different challenge with over 200 levels of fruit slicing goodness to enjoy. While most of the early levels are simply point based objectives the game quickly introduces other mechanics such as frozen fruit which you might need to free in order to pass the level. To further increase the difficulty you’ll find that the shape and design of the game board is also constantly changing with plenty of obstacles to stop you from connecting fruit.


If you find a challenge is simply unbeatable then you can purchase some powerful bonuses using gold bars which are bought through in-app purchases. Players also unlock boosters and charms when they reach certain levels though which you’ll generate simply for playing the game.

While the gameplay is the same as just about every other puzzle experience around, Juice Cubes does it with great style and good pacing while constantly changing up the gameplay.


  • A bright and colourful art style.
  • Connect fruit together using diagonal, horizontal and vertical connecting lines.
  • No shortage of levels with over 200 to experience.
  • Earn stars based on your performance, can you 3 star every level?
  • Unlock or purchase boosts to give you an edge on difficult levels.

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Juice Cubes, 8.1 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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