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Kal Online

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Good: PvP game modes – Unique setting – Player transformation in later levels
Bad: Limited core class choices – Maps are often too large – Poor translations
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Kal Online is a long standing MMORPG (released in 2004) that originally started in Korea before making its way to an international audience. The game is popular for its large game worlds and variety of PvP game modes.


The games class system is fairly standard though with minimal visual options available that does bring the overall quality down a few notches.

Players can either take on the role of a knight, magician, archer or thief at the start of the game with advancement options available later on. Each of these classes have their own playstyles and skillsets available. Add in the stat system and good equipment variety it’s very easy for two magicians to play the game completely differently.

Combat in the game is fairly fast paced although in the PvM environment this is offset by the large game maps which means travel time between each monster  or monster group is quite a distance. In combat players have the option to behead enemy creatures as a finishing move which restores a small amount of HP and MP for giving them an honourable death.


PvP is the best asset of Kal Online though and the main draw to the game over other available options. Game modes include Castle Siege, Destruction, Protect The Leader, Suffering Valley and Battlefield Alley. In Castle Siege one alliance of players attempts to defend a castle while three opposing alliances attempt to retrieve a flag from the centre of the castle. Suffering Valley is also popular where two guilds battle against each other and a number of monsters for points, with the victory going to the guild that accumulates more points.

On the surface Kal Online is aging but the community is as active as ever with two very populated servers for players to participate in. The game also has a very unique fantasy meets feudal Japan type setting which is a nice change from other games.


  • Large game world with unique setting.
  • Good sized community.
  • Plenty of different PvP game modes.
  • 4 core classes with plenty of advancement and customisation options.
  • Small download size.

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Kal Online, 8.2 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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