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Release: Jan 2013
Reviewed on: PC

Kentucky Route Zero

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Bad: Slow release of acts
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As far as indie episodic adventure games go Kentucky Route Zero has one of the most surreal settings in years. From the independent studio of Cardboard Computer the game exists thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign for the project.


Split into five acts of which the first was released in early 2013 the series follows the story of Conway the truck driver as he makes a number of mystery encounters along the fictional Route Zero which he travels on for his current delivery of antique goods which quickly turns bizarre.

Kentucky Route Zero makes all of these bizarre interactions memorable, going from odd encounters to downright nuts you’ll be scratching your head several times wondering if that actually just happened.

Kentucky Route Zero is a traditional point and click adventure game with text based dialogue. The game does not incorporate puzzles or other sorts of challenges instead opting to be completely about the storytelling and atmosphere. It definitely takes inspiration from the old Monkey Island games and even modern ones like The Walking Dead.


Players guide Conway by clicking various points on the screen which cane move him both around the map or warrant further inspection of objects or characters. Players also have control over the dialogue options which allow some movement in the story direction although the core is mostly fixed. From time to time players can also take control of other characters which players into the unique twisting narrative of Kentucky Route Zero.

The game screams unique atmosphere and while players don’t have a tonne of control over the story direction you still feel very much a part of it as you guide Conway and choice his dialogue.


  • No puzzles just pure story driven adventure.
  • Choose where to explore and make dialogue decisions.
  • A surreal game world with plenty of bizarre encounters.
  • A story told through 5 different game acts.
  • Enjoy your adventure on PC or Mac.

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Kentucky Route Zero, 6.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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