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Release: Jul 2016
Reviewed on: iOS

Kingdom Clicker

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Good: Raids and idle blend – Game world evolves with new buildings
Bad: Some performance isues
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Kingdom Clicker combines the idle clicker genre with mobile strategy games with the ability for players to build up their army and raid other players for additional gold.


Available exclusively for iOS your task in Kingdom Clicker is to create your own ideal kingdom. In order to do so players will need to mine the gold beneath their kingdom (by clicking) which generates a small amount but can be upgraded heavily if players perform to click themselves to riches. Kingdom Clicker assists this playstyle by giving players bonus percentages to click income the longer you click for gold.

For idle income players will need to invest their gold in buildings or upgrades. Buildings range from wells to shacks, barns and much more which will also appear on the game world, a nice visual touch. This passive income needs to be collected from some buildings manually while others generate it automatically and place it within your bank which has a maximum threshold which is the most you can earn while offline.

This bank is also what is at risk when other players raid you, taking 50% of whatever is within your bank. Raiding is fairly simple but does require a significant investment of funds to build up an army.


Kingdom Clicker uses a simple three power rating system with players getting a melee, ranged and magic ranking based on their split of units. These numbers are then compared to your enemies with players having to win 2 out of 3 of the ratings in order to have a successful raid. Raiding players also boosts your league ranking which allows you to collect a daily income of premium currency which grows as you compete on the higher leader boards.

The addition of raids on other players makes Kingdom Clicker stand out against its competitors and makes it a great choice over other idle clicker experiences.


  • Build your kingdom empire by mining gold.
  • Construct wells and other buildings for passive income growth.
  • Store funds in your bank but beware of other player raids.
  • Simple raiding system with powerful rewards.
  • Free and only for iOS.

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Kingdom Clicker, 7.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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