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Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game

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With over 1000 dishes to create and hundreds of levels to scramble through Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game is a solid offering in the time management cooking game space.


For background the game sets you up in your very own food truck as Pepper. Guided by Chef Crisp you’ll deliver healthy food options to people across the world from your small setup (thus the game name orientated around scramble). Despite the small space though there are a huge number of dishes for you to unlock and upgrades to your food truck kitchen.

Early levels start off slowly as mechanics are introduced to players with basic recipes such as the fried egg and baked potato. Both of these require players to pick up a raw egg or potato and then move it into the frying pan or oven respectively. After a certain amount of time the dish will be ready to pass to your customer who will give you some coins based on speed. Players can pre-prepare some items before customers arrive but if not sold in a certain time will be ruined.


While the examples of egg and potato above are simple the game quickly makes things more complex, making it ideal for the intermediate player that has a few time management games under their belt.

These mechanics evolve over time with more steps and equipment (purchased with earned coins from levels) unlocking more recipes or improving the speeds of cooking to serve more customers. In total there are hundreds of levels that are split across towns with food themed names like Waffleton and Pittsburger.


  • Manage your own food truck across delicious cities.
  • Upgrade your equipment to make new recipes.
  • Earn more money for delivering food with speed.
  • Scramble your way through 100s of levels.
  • Play in your browser or on your mobile device.

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Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game, 6.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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