Metacritic (PC): 73/100
Metacritic (Xbox): 72/100
Metacritic (PS): 71/100
Release: Mar 2016
Reviewed on: PS4


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Good: Great survival atmosphere – Items and status to manage
Bad: Poor shooter mechanics – Somewhat disjointed story and direction
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In the deep winter of Northern Canada in 1970 a number of vandalism attacks against a hunting manor have required that private investigator Carl Faubert be called in. Following these reports you’ll play as Carl as you attempt to uncover the true nature of this vandalism.


Thing do not start of on the correct foot though with Carl becoming trapped in the deep north environment after an unexpected snowstorm takes hold. Unable to find the client of the manor that hired him or any other humans in the area you are left to fight the wilderness and something else in the area.

The result is a game based around surreal interaction with the environment, with untold mystery underneath the surface. Exploring a highly harsh environment players will need to win over the elements while enjoying a superb atmospheric soundtrack and third person storytelling. All the while you’ll be following clue after clue across the abandoned homes nearby and piecing them together to resolve the truth.

This narrative adventure promises to be an interesting journey with a number of unique and well used mechanics to make the game world feel alive and your situation dire. As a game based around adventure though its never overly difficult to stay alive with tools such as health, heat and stress easily managed with painkillers and fires that can be lit within the cabins. Your massive inventory space also aids in this to ensure your focus is solely on the journey at hand.


At times though this breaks down as players will also be finding weapons to defend themselves from wildlife. Given Kona was not designed as a shooter you’ll have to also battle lacklustre aiming mechanics to ensure you don’t end up dead.

Poor aiming aside the rest of the game world which is set on Atamipek Lake is completely fleshed out with buildings and caves to explore that are full of lore. This information is a large base of Kona with reading and viewing the information you extract hiding the clues you need to continue to advance.


  • Survive the harsh cold environment.
  • Find clues in the writing and pictures of the world.
  • A telling adventure with mystery underneath.
  • Find helpful items from weapons, logs and medicine.
  • Play across PC and consoles.

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Kona, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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