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Koyotl is a free browser based role playing game developed by Upjers. The game promises an interesting adventure with plenty of battles and customisation available.


In Koyotl you’ll find yourself in a fantasy game world with adventure and quests around every corner. The background for the game involves the usual battle between good and evil and provides a good backdrop to the gameplay.

Your role in Koyotl is to play the hero in this story and stop the evil Koyotl from taking control over the elements that hold the world together. If he’s able to gain control of all the elements he’ll be an unstable evil force.

At the start of your adventure players will be able choose from one of six races (two are restricted to premium players). Each of these races has their own element that plays a key role in their playstyle and progression. On top of race options players can also change the visual look of their character which helps create an added connection to your avatar.

Combat in Koyotl is turn based and takes place on a separate screen to the game world. Players are able to select between their basic attack or one of the skills they’ve unlocked which cost mana. Battles can contain multiple enemies and even extra allies. PvP combat is also available through the arena for players that want to test their character against other players.


Skills in Koyotl offer a mixture of active and passive skills with players originally restricted to the element associated with their race although the other elemental skill trees are unlocked as players reach a certain level. Character advancement isn’t only skill based either with a large collection of items for players to find, buy and equip. Item slots include headgear, weapon, belt, torso, legs, rings, amulet and gloves with options to even embed jewels into items for extra power.

For a browser game Koyotl is very impressive and isn’t short of gameplay hours or depth.


  • Free browser RPG developed by Upjers.
  • Choose from several races each with their own element.
  • Turn based combat makes the game accessible to players of all ages.
  • Impressive item and skill systems with plenty of depth.
  • PvP battles for fans of competition.

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Koyotl, 8.6 out of 10 based on 52 ratings
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