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Release: Nov 2015
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Krosmaster Arena

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Bad: Reward system is lacking – Games can be tedious
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Krosmaster Arena brings the popular board game into the online realm with a turn based strategy game with a similar vibe to Dofus or Wakfu thanks to the assets borrowed from their respective game worlds.


In Krosmaster Arena players must create their own team of heroes and use their unique skills to claim victory. With over 100 of these figurine characters to choose from players are definitely spoilt for choice. Despite this the game boasts an easy to learn experience that is light-hearted but also fiercely competitive amongst the higher ranks.

For players that want to ease themselves into Krosmaster Arena they need not walk straight into PvP either with PvE modes including a campaign and dungeon mode both of which are a great source of in game currency (Kroz) which can subsequently be used to unlock Krosboxes which contain the powerful Krosmasters (your heroes).

Battling across several different environments gameplay has players taking turns on a grid based map which is filled with currency to collect and various obstacles. With each turn you can plot the movement of your units, activate one of their skills or attack the enemy directly. Regardless of the mode players will need to understand their units strengths and how these play against their opponents setup.


The counterplay in Krosmaster Arena is particularly satisfying with plenty of actual gameplay in every match players will feel like they always have options available to them (partly due to the many years of game balancing that has been done through the board game experience).

While the colourful graphics may suggest the games audience is a young one, veterans of turn based strategy games will be pleasantly surprised by what they find in the game depths, especially once they get into the vibrant and competitive PvP the game offers.


  • Board game turned online experience.
  • To be released on multiple platforms.
  • 4 game modes offer a balanced mix of PvP and PvE options.
  • Build your team from over 100 characters with unique skills.
  • Multiple environments and strategies available.

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Krosmaster Arena, 7.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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