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Release: Mar 2017
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Last Man Standing

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Good: Free battle royale game – Plenty of weapons and attachments – No pay ton win with vast cosmetic options
Bad: Not as polished as other offerings
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Fast paced gameplay awaits you in Last Man Standing a game that puts you into the middle of a battlefield for up to 100 players as you fight it out in order to be the literal Last Man Standing. Available for free Last Man Standing stands out against similar battle royale titles with its free price tag while still offering a title of high quality.


Allowing players to play from both a first and third person perspective Last Man Standing drops players into a destroyed landscape of constantly decreasing size, attempting to survive against players spawning at the same time. Unlike the model adopted by other games the spawns in Last Man Standing are completely random which means luck will play an important element in your chance of winning but skill does still play a role.

The closing of the game map barrier is similarly random alongside supply drops which ensures each game needs to be assessed individually and the experience is never the same. A nice little touch of Last Man Standing is the addition of a training mode that lets you traverse the game map to discover all the locations it has to offer.


This background knowledge  will no doubt serve you well as you instantly recognise your position after spawning and no where to find your first weapon to snag your first few kills. Weapons on offer in Last Man Standing extend beyond two dozen varieties and are further customisable with weapon attachments which removes some of the RNG from loot as you can customise your available weapons for multi-purpose use.

With each match players will generate game coins to spend on cosmetic gear to distinguish their player from others which can also be purchased for real currency through loot crates. In total there are over 300 emotes, gun skins and clothing items to purchase and show off in game.


  • Free to play battle royale title.
  • Collect over 300 cosmetic items, emotes and skins.
  • Randomised spawn locations every game.
  • Supports up to 100 players in a single match.
  • Solo and team play available.

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