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League of Angels

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Good: Casual and easy to get into – Good amount of quests – Crafting system
Bad: Lacks long term depth – Too much automation
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Simple browser based games are seeing a rise in recent years and League of Angels aims to capture some of that market with a polished offering that features plenty of automation. It isn’t a game that will appeal to everyone but it does have some redeeming elements.


Set in a standard fantasy world where good battles evil players will create their own hero and pair up with an Angel as they fight against the forces of Suurde in turn based combat. With combat spanning quests, dungeons and PvP there is plenty of fighting in League of Angels for all gamers to enjoy.

Combat itself is quite a flashy affair and looks fairly impressive for a browser experience with high quality (albeit simple) graphics bringing the colours of the game to life as you adventure forward through a variety of environments.

Playing as either a mage or warrior you’ll grow your character from level 1 with plenty of skills and items along the way. As a turn based game with plenty of automation your equipment and level plays a vital role in League of Angels which will require you to pick your fights carefully.

The crafting and upgrade system of League of Angels in particular plays an important role and is one of the better thought out elements of the game. Fans of collecting will also find they are well looked after with a wide range of mounts and heroes to find and then combine in your team.


The whole progression curve in League of Angels is fairly well-designed so that you are always achieving something to keep the game from getting dull or feeling too much like a grind.

League of Angels is a hit or miss depending on what you like in a MMO experience. Your best bet is to give it a try and then decide if it’s really for you.


  • Browser based MMO.
  • Turn based combat with plenty of automated systems.
  • Deep crafting and upgrade system.
  • Colourful graphics and plenty of varied skill effects.
  • Quests keep you away from the grind.

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League of Angels, 6.9 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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  1. Kerry
    November 19, 2014

    I share your thoughts. Nice review! :)



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