Metacritic (PC): 71/100
Metacritic (Xbox): 69/100
Metacritic (PS): 67/100
Release: Mar 2017
Reviewed on: PC

Lego Worlds

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Good: Lego sandbox – Endless exploration – Discover and rebuild everything
Bad: Lacks story content outside of Master Builder quest – More casual than challenging
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Pushing the ever increasing number of Lego games into a more sandbox environment, Lego Worlds gives you the goal of becoming a Master Builder as you explore a number of Lego themed worlds.


Opening up with your crash landing into Pirate Playground you’ll have to uncover 3 golden blocks in order to repair your rocket and start exploring the rest of the Lego galaxy. For those unfamiliar with the vast range range of Lego titles you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded in a land of 100% Lego which is easily destructible. On the other side of destruction though is discovery which lets you learn how to create everything in the game world.

After picking up this ability within minutes of starting your Lego adventure it will serve you throughout your adventure. Mechanically once activated players can scan any piece of Lego to add it to their collection, this includes everything the world has to offer including creatures, landscape, vehicles, buildings and decorations. Once added to your discoveries players can unlock the item for creation by spending their Lego currency obtained from chests, quests and destroying the environment like a typical Lego game.


This is just one such tool in your Lego themed adventure though with players also unlocking a landscape tool to flatten game areas, a copy tool and a paint tool amongst others. Using these tools you’ll travel between planets completing simple quests from NPCs to obtain gold breaks and adventure out further into randomised Lego space of ever growing land size and varying biomes which can spawn towns, dungeons and much more.

In addition to increasing your catalogue of Lego creations players will also unlock extra avatar customisation to create hilarious combinations of top, pants and head as they explore worlds and draw on their discovered items to create their own Lego home.


  • Lego adventures in a sandbox environment.
  • Fly from planet to planet completing quests.
  • Explore all the biomes on offer.
  • Use your tools to alter the landscape.
  • Customise your avatar with unique heads, pants and tops.

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