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Light: Fellowship of Loux

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From the same company that created the hit game, Summoners Wars comes Light: Fellowship of Loux a similar experience that adopts a side scrolling approach to the hero collecting formula.


Set in your standard dark game world where Loux the goddess of creation and Mara the goddess of destruction gave birth to the world. Darkness has overtaken the world though and the balance has been lost, leaving the player to assemble their own fellowship of fighters to find the Artifacts of Loux and restore the power of the light in the campaign mode.

While the story has no real unique elements it is easy to forgive once paired with the impressive comic art style of the characters and the story telling. These graphics also transfer over to the actual gameplay with good animations and character designs flooding your screen.

Supporting these graphics is automated gameplay that sees your team of selected heroes facing off against a range of enemy types. For that extra boost players can cast a special ability on a short cooldown by dragging it onto their intended target.


As fans of this genre would know though the real strategy comes from selecting your team and allocating your resources in an efficient manner to level and gear them up. Light: Fellowship of Loux definitely isn’t light in this regard with a rock-paper-scissors mechanic for abilities, over 100 heroes, 5 class types and a rune system for further customisation. Game type variety is also quite high with the usual range of arena battles, bosses, dungeons, crafting and other modes to keep you busy.

While Light: Fellowship of Loux isn’t offering much in terms of fresh content what it does offer is a solid hero collecting adventure that lets you watch your heroes swing their sword, fire their bow and cast magic against your enemies.


  • From the same company that brought you Summoners War.
  • Hundreds of heroes across 5 classes.
  • Side scrolling based hero collector.
  • Large range of game types to keep you occupied.
  • Comic based story graphics.

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Light: Fellowship of Loux, 7.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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