Metacritic (PC): 69/100
Metacritic (PS): 72/100
Release: May 2015
Reviewed on: PC

Magicka 2

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Magicka 2 lets you control magic like no game you’ve experienced before. Building on your previous magical adventure with more tight co-op action adventure gameplay and thousands of spell combinations Magicka 2 is a worthy successor.


Set around the world of Midgard players team up into a maximum team of 4 to rid evil. The same humour and range of elements return, ensuring you’ll have to be mechanically skilled to make it through this adventure. This core experience is the adventure that offers 3 difficulty levels of normal, hard and bananas. Further customisation comes in the form of familiars that provide party wide boosting modifiers to alter the challenge.

Gameplay is very similar to the original Magicka experience with players travelling through the linear designed levels, avoiding environmental elements while disposing of the various evil monsters along the way. Doing so requires players to combine up to 5 elements in a single spell which allows things like lightning to fly from their fingers, shield themselves from damage, heal allies and much more.

In total you’ve got 100s of different combinations to master that have plenty of interactions with each other to consider. Most notably a wet enemy will take more lightning damage while a friend on fire can be put out with water. Given the large number of interactions, spells and enemies that want to kill you (along with allies that aren’t careful) Magicka 2 requires significant mastery.


With plenty of accidents likely to happen Magicka 2 is an often hilarious adventure with friends, although can be frustrating when there is a large skill gap present between players.

All up Magicka 2 offers around 3-4 hours of gameplay making it ideal for a single sitting with some friends. With the hundreds of spells, reworked controls and often deadly friendly fire it’s an easier to get into game of laughs.


  • Sequel to the original Magicka with fresh control scheme.
  • 4 wizard gameplay with 100s of spell combos.
  • Use all the elements to create unique spells and interactions.
  • Customise your wizard to your liking.
  • A 3-4 hour campaign filled with laughs.

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Magicka 2, 8.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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