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Release: Jun 2013
Reviewed on: PC

Marvel Heroes

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Good: Diablo feel – Mixture of open world and instances – Number of characters
Bad: Limited appeal to non-Marvel fans
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Marvel Heroes brings Diablo style gameplay to the Marvel franchise to create an MMO action RPG blend that is available for free. The game has a huge list of playable characters that Marvel fans will instantly recognise.


The story in Marvel Heroes follows the Cosmic Cube, the evil Doctor Doom and various other villains. The locations are also very varied and are set around three central hubs (Avengers Tower, X Mansion and Hellcarrier) with instanced missions in between.

Instanced missions can be tackled solo or with friends while the three hubs have open world locations around them where the games MMO aspects are present. This open world also features bosses that spawn at certain intervals for players to team up and take down together.

Character wise there are over 100 different characters from the Marvel Universe that make an appearance in the game world. Currently there are over two dozen playable characters which are a mixture of well-known and less-known heroes.

Each of these heroes has their own playstyle, stats, skill tree and even character specific items. Starting heroes are restricted to a handful of characters with additional characters needing to be purchased from the game store. Players are able to swap between characters at any time (they level separately) which helps to keep the game fresh.


Gameplay in Marvel Heroes is very reminiscent of the Diablo series (particularly Diablo II) with players controlling and attacking with their mouse from an isometric perspective. The loot system is also very similar with random drops coming in varying levels of rarity with plenty of different stats on them.

The Diablo style feel of Marvel Heroes is definitely impressive and it’s a nice change from the dark fantasy themes in other action role playing games. The Marvel fans are obviously the ones that will get the most out of it though.


  • An action RPG based in the Marvel universe.
  • Huge list of heroes and villains (over 100).
  • Swap between heroes at any time and level them separately.
  • Plenty of item, skill and stat depth.
  • Free to play.

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Marvel Heroes, 8.2 out of 10 based on 26 ratings
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