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Master X Master

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Good: Unique two hero mechanic – Skillshot based game – PvE and PvP options
Bad: Games can quickly fall into complete chaos
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Taking the MOBA genre sci-fi Master X Master (MXM) is a NCsoft published title that uses the likes the likes of third person shooting, instant character swapping and WASD controls. The result is a game that plays like an action role playing game with a healthy amount of PvE to support the PvP MOBA side of the game.


Right from the lobby your options for Master X Master includes arena battles against others (3v3 or 5v5), stage based missions, mini games, raid style dungeons, training and a handful of other game modes. Consistent between these modes are the heroes and skills you’ll select, said heroes are referred to as Masters and pull from other NCsoft games (Aion and Guild Wars 2 for examples) or are entirely new.

As is normal with the MOBA genre each master brings their own active abilities to the battlefield. MXM though allows more customisation here than most with players able to swap in and out key skills on their master to alter their gameplay significantly. Further alterations are made through Nodes (think League of Legends runes) and the skins which can also boost experience and gold earned for matches (no benefit within an actual match).

Each master has a role to play within each of the game modes available but where MXM really stands out is the fact that in each match you’ll be controlling two heroes that you can switch between instantly with a small cooldown. The amount of depth that this basic feature adds is near infinite. Do you take two assassins? Two tanks? A support and a carry? Everything is viable as you level up two masters at once.


Actual gameplay within matches feels like something out of Diablo or TERA as move around the game world with WASD while aiming all of your skills. Other gameplay mechanics that might not be immediately obvious is the destructible environments, ability to down turrets with skills and the multi level design of the game maps.

With the huge variety and longevity delivered through the massive amount of content in PvE and PvP Master X Master is a great casual offering in the saturated MOBA genre.


  • Command two characters into every battle and switch between them.
  • Unique map designs with destructible elements.
  • Master dozens of characters with flexibility in skills.
  • PvE and PvP elements offer plenty of flexibility.
  • Free to play Windows based MOBA.

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Master X Master, 9.5 out of 10 based on 29 ratings
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