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Masterspace will have you exploring, mining and enhancing the world around you in a game that takes inspiration from the likes of Minecraft. Originally released in April 2012 and under constant development the game takes the sandbox genre into an entire universe by letting you explore space and terraform the planets you land on.


You’ll start this galactic adventure on a single planet and spend your early days collecting simple stone and wood while building a number of basic objects. Masterspace does a great job at given you a sense of progression as you advance from simple wood based objects to more powerful and advanced machinery such as sensors and lasers. Of course reaching the more advanced technologies and gathering resources is made much easier with a friend in the multiplayer environment.

Eventually you’ll be able to take the leap into space travel by building your own space ship. Once in space you can land on other planets which come in a wide variety of types to ensure each planet is a new experience. These planets aren’t barren wastelands either and are populated by all sorts of life forms. While some of these are friendly in nature there are just as many hostile aliens out there.

If you decide you don’t like the look of your new found planet then you can change its landscape entirely by constructing buildings or taking a more destructive path with explosives


Destruction is one of the best features that Masterspace brings to the table with impressive destructible physics for planets and spaceships. Not only is this destruction incredibly fun but it also serves a practical purpose as a way to clear mountains in your path and get lots of resources quickly. The physics don’t stop there though with a great water system that behaves in a very realistic fashion.

Masterspace is an amazing offering that combines a powerful sandbox engine with almost Spore like planet exploration.


  • Explore an entire voxel universe.
  • Gather resources, build technologies and adventure into space.
  • Plenty of unique planets with their own unique environments and species.
  • Some great water and explosive physics that never get old.
  • Best enjoyed with friends.

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Masterspace, 8.0 out of 10 based on 27 ratings


  1. kian
    May 12, 2014

    I think MasterSpace is a awesome space game witch is lots of fun.It must be one of the best space games in the world.:-)


  2. Cinth
    July 15, 2014

    is the game down tryed to play MasterSpace but it said web page not available?



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