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Good: Real time elements – Play offline – Compare decisions to others
Bad: Slow to start – Basic writing
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Offering up a real time adventure contained within an app is METANOIA. Available for both iOS and Android devices your role is to assist the fictional of Sam who finds themselves deep within an evacuated zone without food and other important tools for survival.


On first load you’ll be greeted by a messenger type box with Sam (gender neutral) sending you a contact request and asking if anybody is on the other end. From here players respond from of two options they build up a conversation with Sam who finds themselves trapped in a zombie apocalypse type situation with only you to contact.

Soon after you’re brought up to speed on the situation Sam goes away for the first time with players having to wait 5 minutes to continue the story. Players are free to close the app during these away moments with notifications sent to their phone when Sam is next available. Not only do these help break up your play time they help to create added suspense to the solely text based game.

While slow to start METANOIA does not take too long to get deeper into the story which adventures down predictable paths before creating some interesting choices for players. The writing is by no means lengthy which ensures you don’t end up reading walls of text along the way.


Uniquely some of your moral decisions in the game are paired with statistics from other players which allows you to compare yourself against the population of players (only available with an nternet connection).

While METANOIA is a very minimalist style game this approach is no different to other games in the genre but also has the benefit of not needing an internet connection to play. Despite its slow start the decisions quickly pile on the player.


  • Guide Sam through surviving the unknown.
  • Make your decisions and compare against the player pool.
  • Option to play the whole game offline.
  • Actions occur in real time.
  • For Android and iOS.

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METANOIA, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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