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Release: Feb 2016
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Microbes Defense

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Good: SImple yet fun – Speed up option
Bad: Short – Crystal restrictions on levels
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Battle against the germs in this simple strategy title. With gameplay similar to the popular Plants Vs Zombies title Microbes Defense has some interesting mechanics to alter this proven formula.


Available for iOS and Android devices players can start their Microbes Defense journey for free although a premium currency known as crystals does hide access to some levels and required to use some of the powerful anti germ tools.These crystals can be obtained by watching an ad, playing daily or completing levels but you’ll need to replay some levels to keep a healthy dosage available to you.

Microbes Defense starts out simply with a 2 lane level that introduces you to the basic mechanics. If you’ve played Plants vs Zombies or one of the many PvZ clones you’ll be instantly in familiar territory. By placing mushrooms on the game board you’ll generate gold coins to spend on more units. These include the likes of ninjas, rockets, freezing ice and armored units.

Combining these in an efficient manner will allow players to defend themselves against an equally varied team of germs which vary in speed and health. Players are given 5 lives for each level with one deducted every time a germ reaches the end of a lane. To offer some more strategy players can squash germs themselves at the cost of coins and upgrade individual units for more power or speed.


Additional features include leaderboards to compete against other players, several achievements and two dozen levels over three unique settings. Most notably is the speed up option which makes the game faster than similar games without this simple feature.

Overall Microbes Defense is a fun PvZ inspired title, albeit simple and short. If you’re craving lane based tower defense you’ll find a few hours worth here.


  • Defend yourself against a wide variety of germs.
  • Use your varied units and upgrade them for additional strength.
  • Unlock achievements and compete with others.
  • Two dozen levels to conquer.
  • For iOS and Android.

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Microbes Defense, 8.6 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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