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Good: Templates for building – Randomly generated maps
Bad: Some overly simple game mechanics reduce game depth
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

MicroTale is a simple but enjoyable 2D adventure game that also blends in sandbox and some RPG elements. The game is available for Windows and was developed by Jenito Games.


In the world of MicroTale you’ll explore a lost civilisation while also helping to rebuild some of it. Core gameplay in MicroTale will have you fetching resources, fighting off a variety of monsters and completing a large range of quests. This is enhanced even more by the randomly generated maps to make sure every game is fresh and exciting.

Building in MicroTale is always fun with the variety of special tiles that allow you to create your own cannons, airships and even drills. How you use these special tiles is completely up to you, leading to near endless possibilities for unique creation.

The game is definitely about the creations that you make so fans of the building elements in Terraria will feel at home. One stand out element of MicroTale is the ability to add your own templates which allow you to have certain designs on hand to speed up the building process.


MicroTale is also much less about the resource gathering as almost everything simply ends up being cash for you to spend on the resources you need. This streamlines the process considerably but players who prefer to hunt and gather their resources might feel a bit out of place. This same displacement will also extend to equipment and combat which are both a much more simplified experience than other games in the genre.

It’s best to think of MicroTale as a casual alternative to Terraria for those wanting a simple game that doesn’t have a huge number of mechanics to learn before you can enjoy the best parts.


  • A fun and simple 2D adventure.
  • Gather resources, battle monsters and rebuild the lost civilisation.
  • Create your own templates to build with speed.
  • Develop airships and drills to explore the world.
  • A great casual alternative to Terraria.

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MicroTale, 7.4 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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