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Mighty Monsters

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Mighty Monsters is one of the many Android and iOS games like Pokemon. The game was released in late 2011 by Uken studios and draws heavily from the Pokemon universe for inspiration.


Mighty Monsters is available for free and scores very well on both the iOS and Android versions making it the perfect game for Pokemon fans looking for a casual monster capture experience. The game also incorporates social features for PvP, chat and ranking systems which means the game requires a constant internet connection to play.

Mighty Monsters offers a great adventure which is split into a number of islands, where players must complete quests in order to advance through the story and catch stronger monsters.

Like most monster capture based games your goal is to become the best monster trainer in the world and thanks to the social integration you can easily compare yourself to others as you attempt to reach that goal.

Players start with either a grass, fire or water monster (sound familiar?) and from there will venture across the islands to battle other trainers and complete simple quests.

The game uses an energy system for navigation so longer gaming sessions won’t be an option without purchasing more through the in app purchases.


The best part of Mighty Monsters is definitely the varied monsters that you will encounter in the game world making it feel like more than just a standard Pokemon clone or rip-off.

You’ll actually be interested in capturing the variety of monsters to see what they can do. The game also comes with a harder difficulty mode once you’ve completed the standard mode to give you a greater challenge.


  • Hundreds of monsters to capture, train and evolve.
  • A free game like Pokemon for your mobile device.
  • Large game world to explore.
  • Plenty of in built social features.
  • Requires an internet connection to play (always online).

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Mighty Monsters, 7.9 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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