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Good: Bright graphics – Lots of quests – Simple and fun
Bad: Loading times can be long – Won’t keep older gamers entertained
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MilMo is an action packed adventure that you can play in your browser. The game is very impressive for a browser based experience and has a huge adventure for players to experience.


MilMo is adventure orientated and definitely designed with a younger audience in mind with its simple gameplay. The majority of gameplay takes place across a number of islands that are full of interesting areas, hidden treasures, items and surprises.

You can be up and running in MilMo in seconds by linking up your Facebook account or taking the old fashioned standard signup route. After creating your account you’ll be overloaded with customisation options which only continue to grow as you experience MilMo.

As far as gameplay is concerned MilMo is very similar to other popular children themed MMOs. Players will explore the game world while accepting quests and fighting a variety of monsters, MilMo even throws in some boss monsters to keep you on your toes. Quests are fairly varied and some quests even allow you to choose how you approach them which is a nice touch and helps you engage with the game.


Aside from questing players can also take it upon themselves to explore every inch of the islands in the game to find the hidden exploration tokens. There are also plenty of story aspects and puzzles to explore that enhance the gameplay.

On the surface MilMo is just your average experience but there is plenty of charm for those that take the time to look deeper and immerse themselves in the experience. MilMo isn’t perfect though and is plagued by some slow loading speeds and there definitely isn’t enough meat on this MMO’s bone for older gamers but younger children will love the bright visuals and easy controls.


  • Action packed browser experience.
  • Colourful and fun graphics appeal to young audience.
  • A MMO experience perfect for children.
  • Huge amounts of avatar customisation.
  • Lots of quests and places to explore.

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MilMo, 8.2 out of 10 based on 55 ratings
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