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Reviewed on: Xbox 360


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Good: Factory and resource upgrade system – Block variety – Multiplayer for $1
Bad: Clunky UI – Lacks polish – Lacks personality and depth
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Miner4Ever (M4E) is an Xbox Indie title with many Minecraft elements. You’ll get to explore an endless game world while you dig and build alone or with friends.


When you first load up the game you’ll be presented with the controls while the game generates a random world for you to explore. This process does take quite a while but limits the amount of lag and rendering the game will have to complete once you spawn, so it’s worth the wait.

Once your world has been generated you’ll get dropped into it (literally) and start your Miner4Ever adventure. As a sandbox game the path you take from this point onwards is completely up to you. M4E does provide some objectives though which revolves around upgrading the inactive machines near your spawning point. Upgrading machines will reward you with points and resources to ultimately boost your rank within the game.

The game supports play through both a first and third person perspective allowing you to play the way that you prefer. Through the UI players can see how many resources they have, the current level of their factories (and their resource production), rank, co-ordinates, current day and any bonuses that are currently active (if playing with friends).


The co-ordinates in particular are really helpful to have right on your screen and it’s definitely recommend to write down your starting location and other points of interest during your adventure. Many of the other UI elements feel cluttered though so it’s often best to keep them off (X button) to free up the screen.

At first glance you’ll probably write M4E off as one of the many Minecraft like experiences that doesn’t provide any innovation. While this conclusion isn’t very far from the truth the gameplay you get for the $1 price tag doesn’t make it the worst purchase ever.


  • Very Minecraft inspired experience.
  • Play alone or team up with friends for bonuses.
  • Upgrade your factories to boost resource production.
  • First and third person views available.
  • Available on the Xbox Marketplace for $1, a trial is also available.

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Miner4Ever, 5.7 out of 10 based on 45 ratings
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