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Good: Free alternative to Minecraft – Runs on older hardware
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Minetest (previously Minetest C55) is heavily inspired by the popular sandbox building game of Minecraft. The game is available for free and runs on significantly lower system specifications, so you can play this game on older hardware that might be unable to support the requirements for Minecraft.


Minetest offers an endless world for you to explore and build in. Just like in similar games your creativity is your only limit in Minetest. The game has been in development since late 2010 and continues to slowly grow in features.

Uniquely Minetest is open source which means you can make your own suggestions and contribute to this Minecraft alternative. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own Minecraft inspired game why not contribute to Minetest instead.

At the core of Minetest is three simple principles; to be simple in design, stable for players and ultimately be portable.


In terms of features Minetest has everything you would expect from a block game world. You can freely explore the world, dig for resources and build anything you wish. The strength of the game comes from its multiplayer capabilities (up to 10 players) and the great mod support allowing for additions and game modifications to be added seamlessly into the game.

While the game doesn’t pack all the features of the larger block building games it is a great option as far as free Minecraft clones are concerned and with the ability for the tech savy to add their own work into the core game you’ll love your time with Minetest.


  • Free to play Minecraft alternative.
  • Multiplayer support.
  • Lower requirements compared to competitors.
  • Explore a vast game world.
  • Create anything within your imagination.

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Minetest, 8.1 out of 10 based on 76 ratings
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