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Misao was created in 2011 with the Wolf RPG Editor by Sen and gives players a free to play horror experience with Japanese origins. For those seeking to play in English you’ll find vgperson’s translation available.


Centred around Aki, a high school student who hears the voices of Misao (another student who has been missing for several months and has been assumed to be dead given a number of months have passed). Aki had always hoped to befriend Misao but never had the opportunity.

Since the disappearance of Misao a number of strange paranormal activities had begun to occur with the final of these strange occurrences transferring the entire school to a dark strange new world.

This is where players join the story as they wake up after the transfer alongside the Student Council President and Vice President who inform the player that the school is not fairing well in this new world with various ghouls and spirits roaming the school and killing any human they encounter.

The only hope for the school is Aki as she is the only student with that can reach Misao and hopefully encourage her to move on with her life. In order to do so players will need to track down the body parts of Misao that are scattered around the school and bring them together in one place.


Given your missions Misao plays out primarily as an exploration based game, in addition to hunting down all the body parts scattered around the school players will need to use stealth to avoid any evil spirits they encounter as you are unable to combat them. Finding these parts isn’t just about uncovering locations though and also requires you to communicate with surviving classmates and interact with various objects.

Your adventure ends once all six body parts are located and brought to a single location, at which point players will make one final decision which will impact the ending received (one good and one bad).


  • Collect the 6 body parts of Misao and help her pass on.
  • Explore a dark high school filled with ghouls.
  • Interact with other students and various objects scattered around the school.
  • Two very different endings based on your key decision.
  • Play for free on PC and Mac.

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Misao, 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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