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Release: Jun 2016
Reviewed on: iOS

MOBA Legends

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Good: PvE campaign – Rune system
Bad: Character skill sets don't meld together
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Sporting over 30 characters that take inspiration from other big title MOBAs, MOBA Legends lets you battle it out in 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 maps.


Joining the ever growing list of mobile attempts at recreate the MOBA genre MOBA Legends has all the basic elements to pass off as a MOBA title. You’ve got a decent roster of heroes (called Legends) with 4 unique skills each along with skins, jungle camps, runes and items to purchase throughout the match.

In addition to the basics you’ve got a basic and advanced tutorial that helps you come to terms with the control scheme of MOBA Legends. Anyone who has played an action RPG on their mobile will quickly feel at home with their movement stick in their left thumb and skills on the right.

To bring game times to a reasonable length of time (around 10 minutes in 3v3) MOBA Legends employs maximum kills in games, powerful speed boosts after returning from lane, removes the need to last hit minions for gold and lets players shop from anywhere on the map. While die hard MOBA players will not be pleased with the changes it does a great job of speeding up games and feels perfectly suited to mobile devices.


Uniquely MOBA Legends also houses a PvE adventure game mode where you can unlock extra heroes and obtain upgrades for your favourites (for PvE only). For small boosts to your PvP strength players must instead look towards the rune system where you unlock slots for small enchantments and the spell system that lets you take one upgradeable special ability.

MOBA Legends is a solid title in the mobile MOBA genre with the addition of a large PvE campaign making it well worth an install on your device.


  • Mobile MOBA title.
  • Command over 30 Legends into battle.
  • Includes an extensive rune system for further customisation.
  • 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 maps to fight on.
  • Play on Android and iOS.

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MOBA Legends, 5.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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