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Release: Aug 2016
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Good: Control scheme – Quality of life mechanics
Bad: Still plagued with lag and glitches – Needs time for balancing
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Enjoy 5v5 MOBA gameplay with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang one of the highest quality and most populated games in the mobile MOBA niche. Allowing players to get into a match in less than 20 seconds and an average match time of 10 minutes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is ideal for on the go MOBA fans.


Borrowing a familiar map design players will battle across 3 lanes completed with multiple towers, bosses and several jungle camps. Your avatar for this battle is one of the available heroes form the usual archetype pool. You’ve got damage dealing assassins, support healers, tanky initiators and spellcasters with their own range of skills.

Not only are skills flashy and appropriate for each character you’ll be able to use them effectively (even skillshots) with the solid mobile control scheme that is both responsive and intuitive. This is aided with aim assistance that let you move and attack easily or last hit with ease. Other quick press buttons for a short healing boost, execution and recall also help Mobile Legends: Bang Bang deliver a mobile experience.

Pairing your character with the range of items to help alter your stats for your playstyle provides further customisation. While the item depth and strategy isn’t as strong as League of Legends it definitely does the job with a large pool of items to call upon.


Other quality of life inclusions in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang include AI taking over any disconnected players and a lack of any pay to win elements within the core gameplay which not all mobile games have successfully avoided.

Overall the mobile title was clearly designed with mobile in mind at every turn and as it’s hero list continues to grow is likely to stay at the top of the mobile MOBA genre for some time.


  • 5v5 MOBA matches with jungle and boss camps included.
  • Command a unique hero from the usual archetypes.
  • Purchase extra characters and fun skins with real money.
  • Mobile assisted gameplay with great controls.
  • For Android and iOS.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, 6.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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