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Release: Jun 2015
Reviewed on: iOS

Monkey Bay

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Good: Pirate theme – Generate premium currency – Raids with cannon balls
Bad: Small unit pool
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Monkey Bay lets you set sail and explore the world of pirates, gold and barbecued chickens with a multiplayer battle title for mobile devices. Similar to the highly popular Clash of Clans players will be managing their own settlement while they raid other players, build up defences and climb the leader board ranks.


At the start of the game players will meet their trusty pirate guide to lead them through the basics of building a pirate hide out. This includes constructing the all important gold mine and chicken barbecue pit which will fuel your settlement. Gold is primarily used for construction while chicken lets you hire pirate fighters and clear trees off the island to unlock additional space.

The third and most valuable resource is of course the premium currency of jewels which can be purchased with real money to speed up production. Monkey Bay allows users to generate these at a decent rate without paying though with the likes of the jewel mine and captured resource islands bringing in a steady daily stream.

No base is complete without defences though which Monkey Bay offers nearly a dozen of. The likes of mortars, guns, walls and large bombs can be strategically placed to defend your island from opposing player raids. On the opposite side of the fence (when you’re attacking) players can call on a number of fighters from the tavern including the standard melee pirate, ranged shooter and thieving monkey who is adept at raiding resources.


In order to soften up defences players can spend gold on cannonballs which can be fired from your ship before landing which with a few well aimed shots decimating defences for your troops to have free reign. For your trouble you’ll earn a number of skull coins based on the devastation caused along with a healthy handful of resources. These skull coins are the primary measure for leader board and alliance board rankings.

With plenty of room to expand your pirate island and a host of upgrades for you to work your way through Monkey Bay delivers plenty of strategy and raiding from your mobile device.


  • Free to play mobile strategy game.
  • Build your own pirate island with a range of buildings and defences.
  • Raid other players and soften them up with cannon balls before you attack.
  • Manage your resources of gold, chickens and jewels.
  • For your iOS and Android devices.

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Monkey Bay, 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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