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Monkey King Online

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Monkey King Online is a browser based MMO that helps you level up your character quickly with automated systems to reach the juicy end game PvP content. If you’re a fan of the journey though then you’ve still got the option to take your character from level 1 to end game the old fashioned way.


Based on the story, Journey to the West the game has plenty of Asian influence spread throughout the game as you take control of the monkey, fox, bull or iron fan classes. Each class comes with their own distinct playstyle and eventually gains the ability to turn into a unique deity which empowers you with new strength.

The locations that you’ll visit in the game have nice variety with some good attention to detail across backdrops, characters and enemies. The sometimes cluttered UI does take away from the experience and gamers on smaller screens will feel this squeeze more so than others.

One thing you’ll notice while playing Monkey King Online is the large amount of botters in the game. You’d be surprised to hear that this is actually allowed in the game thanks to the autowalk feature that will literally play the game for you. From accepting the next quest, to travelling between battles and even fighting this automated feature can do it all.


Automated setups like these are growing in popularity as it allows players to reach end game with minimal effort which is often where the developers spend most of their time creating and refining content. If this is something that interests you then Monkey King Online might just be the MMO for you, of course if you’d rather enjoy the journey by your own input then you still have that option.

As a casual browser MMO Monkey King Online will satisfy most players, in particular those that appreciate great depth in an end game PvP system. Players won’t even have to grind their way there with the automated systems.


  • Automated elements let you reach end game sooner.
  • Based on Journey to the West.
  • 4 unique classes to enjoy.
  • Great end game PvP content.
  • Plenty of content to keep you entertained.

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