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Release: Sep 2001
Reviewed on: PC

Monopoly Tycoon

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Bad: Old game means dated graphics
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Monopoly Tycoon aims to combine the board game of Monopoly with the tycoon genre and for the most part succeeds, although the game won’t appeal to all tastes.


Monopoly Tycoon was developed by Deep Red Games and was released for Windows in 2001 (so be prepared for dated graphics and potential compatibility issues, so do your research before buyinh).

The gameplay is a very unique experience and has players attempting to earn the most money in a given time period. Players can compete against the AI in single player on varying difficulties or pair up with a friend and play together.

Monopoly Tycoon starts in the 1930s and eventually takes players all the way past the year 2000. The game is split into 16 different levels and a bonus sandbox level. These levels give the game structure and create goals for the player to work towards. Objectives for levels include being the wealthiest player, having a certain amount of income, making a certain number of sales or eliminating all opponents.

Players will complete certain actions everyday and make decisions that will either improve or hurt their profitability. These decisions are made at different times throughout the day due to the nature of the game having both day and night businesses. This time cycle really helps the tycoon game feel like a realistic world as it switches between night and day.

In Monopoly Tycoon players buy stores, utilities, railroads and apartments in a Monopoly inspired game world and become the landlords of these property blocks. Players then earn regular revenue from these locations much like how the board game of Monopoly operates. When players own all the property of the same colour they can build hotels on these locations to increase revenue drastically.


Most of the action takes place at the end of each game day when players are given a mystery card (inspired from the Chance and Community Chest Monopoly cards). These mystery cards have a wide range of possibilities that can either help or hurt the player which makes the game more about adapting to situations rather than following a single strategy.

Monopoly Tycoon captures the essence of the original board game but incorporates some fun tycoon inspired features to become a fast paced strategy game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.


  • The famous board game meets tycoon genre.
  • Fast paced gameplay.
  • Fight your way through 16 levels of big business.
  • Create your ultimate city in the endless sandbox mode.
  • Play as your favourite Monopoly pieces.

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Monopoly Tycoon, 7.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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