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Release: Feb 2014
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Monster Busters

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Good: Presentation – Responsive and fluid gameplay – Amount of content
Bad: Pushes the Facebook angle a little too hard
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Monster Busters joins the ranks of the match 3 puzzle genre with an offering that will please people of all ages. While this genre might have been done to death in recent years with the success of games like Candy Crush Saga, Monster Busters does try to bring something fresh and definitely succeeds in this regard.


The game is available on Facebook and mobile devices which lets you play on your preferred platform or even switch between them thanks to the shared progress across devices. Regardless of which one you choose you’ll find a high quality experience that is responsive, flashy and packed full of content.

As has become standard in the genre you’ll want to connect your game to Facebook if you are playing on a mobile device to get all the benefits that virtual friends can offer (bonuses and lives). Monster Busters does push this angle a little hard but if you’ve played any social based mobile game since the rise of Candy Crush Saga you’ll already be used to pestering your friends.

After completing the basic tutorial players will begin climbing up the tower by completing levels on each floor. Levels can range from reaching certain scores, clearing a particular monster from the game board, defeating bosses and more ensuring that there is no shortage of variety in each level. With over 600 floors to the tower that each feature 2 or 3 levels this isn’t a game that you’ll be completing any time soon.


Competition is definitely at the centre of the whole experience with scoreboards, rankings and a separate screen to keep track of the progress of friends up the tower. Everything else that defines this genre is also under the hood of Monster Busters with bonuses to help you get past the tricky levels, powerful boosts for matching four or more tiles and graphics that burst with colour.

Monster Busters is fun, fresh, fast and exciting. It’s a game that fans of match three puzzle games definitely need to be playing.


  • Huge number of levels (over 600).
  • Level variety is one of the best in the genre.
  • Impressive presentation takes the game into a league of its own.
  • On iOS, Android and Facebook.
  • Spirit of competition will encourage you forward.

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Monster Busters, 7.9 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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