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Monster Galaxy

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Monster Galaxy is a free to play Facebook game that aims to recreate the Pokemon experience in a social environment.


The game has proven to be extremely popular attracting millions of gamers and eventually leading to the smart phone spin off game known as Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands.

Monster Galaxy focuses on providing a great social experience while you adventure through the game world collecting (and battling) hundreds of different monsters. Every monster is tied to its own zodiac symbol which changes its strengths and weaknesses in battle. This zodiac theme also creates much of the story aspects.

While the game is free to play there is of course a premium currency option which separates free players from the users that support the game. It would have been very easy for Monster Galaxy to force payment on its users to access the rarest monsters but the balance between free and paying users is very fair and doesn’t take away from the game experience.

You’ll spend your time in Monster Galaxy exploring the island, completing tasks and keeping an eye out for the rarest monsters available. Capturing is also an extremely easy experience thanks to the capture bar that slowly fills up in a battle and can even give you an exact percentage on your chances of a successful monster capture.


Battles in Monster Galaxy are always enjoyable thanks to the great variety of animations that offer just enough flair to stay interesting without feeling like they are slowing down the experience. The game also strikes a good balance between battle strategy and ease of use with each monster having a physical attack, a special attack (based on the zodiac) and their own unique debuff or buff to use in battle.

While the game doesn’t have as much depth as the Pokemon series it is a great way to casually spend some time while competing with your friends to be the ultimate monster tamer.


  • Play for free on Facebook.
  • Plenty of social based game features.
  • Over 100 different monsters to capture and use.
  • Story and monsters based on the zodiac.
  • Game has spawned iOS and Android spin-offs if you would rather play on your phone.

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Monster Galaxy, 7.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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