Metacritic: 80/100
Release: Aug 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

Monster Pet Shop

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Good: Interactive gameplay – Unique – Monster variety
Bad: Very little long term depth
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Have you ever thought that you would like to work in a pet shop? How about a Monster Pet Shop? In this latest offering from Beeline Interactive it is up to you to manage your own store as you breed and raise all sorts of unique monsters to sell for profit.


With the freedom to build your own habitats, raise dozens of different monster types, care for them and eventually sell them to a good home there is no shortage of gameplay to enjoy in Monster Pet Shop.

When you open up Monster Pet Shop you’ll meet your Uncle Oscar who heads the shop and is looking to bring you into the business so that he can retire. After teaching you all the ropes with an in depth tutorial Oscar hands you the keys to the shop and gives you complete control over the business.

The process in Monster Pet Shop is very interactive as you take your monsters from a simple egg to full grown for sale. While you’ll start off with only a small shop capable of holding 3 habitats your store will eventually be able to expand so that you can cater for dozens of monsters at any single time.

Customers will come into the store and either purchase a monster on the floor or make an order for a particular monster that they have had their eye on. Because of the monster sale laws though players can only sell fully grown monsters which is where much of the gameplay takes place.


After purchasing a monster egg you’ll need to buy the appropriate habitat and make sure that you have their favourite toy handy to help them mature. Buying the right food, cleaning the habitat and finding each monsters favourite petting spot also plays an important role in their overall growth.

If you want an interactive game that lets you breed, raise and sell monsters then Monster Pet Shop is definitely offering something unique and worth your time to check out.


  • Create the perfect pet shop for monsters.
  • Buy eggs, raise monsters and then sell them from profit.
  • Huge variety in monsters to purchase.
  • Plenty of interactive gameplay to enjoy.
  • Play on iOS and Android.

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Monster Pet Shop, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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