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MonsterMaze: Defense of the Cookies

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MonsterMaze: Defense of the Cookies has you commanding your defences to defend the galaxy against cookie eating monsters. Playable on both iOS and Android devices its a simple but enjoyable tower defence game.


MonsterMaze does not hesitate to get you right into the action as you jump into your first level while covering the basic mechanics. If you’ve played any sort of tower defence game before you won’t be surprised what you find with several towers and multiple enemy types.

What MonsterMaze does do differently is let players create their own path for the monsters to take from their spawn point to your cookies. This opens up gameplay significantly as you now not only need to chose towers carefully but also create a path that forces your monster enemy to take a long path.

With the way that the game mixes in different map designs (introducing solid blocks or blocks where you can’t place towers but enemies can still walk over) the challenge is definitely there and it doesn’t take long to reach this point either.

This is one of the best parts of MonsterMaze: Defense of the Cookies, while on the surface it only has 30 levels it doesn’t mess about with 10 easy levels to inflate their level number, even for veteran tower defence fans you’ll find things quickly ramp up as soon as level 5.


In addition to the map changing each game players will also find that their arsenal of weapons increase to eventually include 6 towers that each have multiple levels of strength. Enemy range is similar with a total of 6 different enemies that each have their own counter strategy (you’ll even encounter boss monsters).

MonsterMaze: Defense of the Cookies is a good tower defence game for mobile devices with no real issues that detract from the fun, at the same time though it doesn’t do anything stand out.


  • Simple but fun tower defence gameplay.
  • 6 different towers and 6 monster types.
  • Create the path for the monsters to travel on.
  • Try to achieve 3 stars on each level.
  • For iOS and Android devices.

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MonsterMaze: Defense of the Cookies, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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