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Release: Nov 2011
Reviewed on: iOS


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Good: Training mini games – Exploration – Multiplayer
Bad: Combat isn’t overly impressive
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In Morphs you’ll explore Morph Island on your iOS device as you raise and evolve your own pets to battle online with friends or find your missing father in the single player adventure. The game is free to play and currently has over 18,000 reviews in the app star with a rating of 4.5 stars.


Morphs is split into a number of game aspects and is designed in such a way that you can put more focus on the areas that interest you. This includes caring for your monsters, a multiplayer battle system, a single player adventure and the hunt to catch them all. Wherever you choose to put your focus you’ll enjoy what Morphs has to offer.

The care system of Morphs is quite in depth and something reminiscent of a Tamagotchi rather than a Pokemon game and is a nice little touch to help you get more attached to each of your blobs rather than just sending them aimlessly into battle. Caring for your Morph mostly involves feeding and training which keeps them happy and is mostly done in the downtime between battles as your monsters regenerate health over time.

Training is actually a lot more fun than it sounds and is split into a number of mini games which are based on a different stat attribute. Training will either result in success or failure with success bringing much needed crystals to upgrade your monster pet.


When you aren’t training to increase your power you’ll focus on the exploration and combat side of things. Exploration is pretty simple and involves a square grid configuration, as you explore each small square you’ll find either a battle, some money or if you are lucky enough some powerful items.

Morphs isn’t offering anything special or groundbreaking but it still has a pleasantness to it that will keep fans of Pokemon (or the Tamagotchi) entertained.


  • Free to play game that blends Pokemon with some Tamagotchi features.
  • Available on most iOS devices.
  • Care for your monster, explore and battle.
  • Train your pet with a variety of mini-games.
  • Battle against your friends to prove your power.

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Morphs, 7.9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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